​​​The Reserve ASL2 Season kicks off in July and we want to invite all fans to come watch our up an coming Pro Players before the ASL Pro Season Begins in August. 

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The Evergreen Diplomats will begin their inaugural season play this August in the ASL Professional Soccer League. The ASL will run its season similar to the European season schedule.  For more information about the ASL please vist www.aslsoccer.com

The Evergreen Diplomats Professional soccer Team were formed on the basis of a tier system to allow young players to move through one dynamic system of soccer and the older players a chance at the Professional Ranks or to continue at the professional level. Whether you are a  past professional player that is a current Free Agent looking for a team or a player with the ability , our systems allows  options moving forward in sport.

To accomplish this we felt we would want to affiliate with existing youth clubs and academies that have and believed in the same principles of training players from a young age through the player's young adult years and also with a further direction in having another tier of the professional ranks for the professional that is at the that level or an experienced professional player.  With this our four-tier system should become a model for others to follow in the future giving players with potential to play at the professional level as well as professional players a system to grow moving forward in potential and career.

The ASL league allows a tier platform system to work best as it enables the player to grow as a professional through a designed system. European clubs are successful because what they do works. They grow their young academy teams enabling the young player to progress through the youth system. Then move on to a higher level 16 to 20 years of age according to a player's development.  In the 18 to 22 year level players should be preparing and developing into the Professional ranks (PDL provides training and allows those who play college soccer to continue their growth during the summer months).  Players that develop and are ready at this time should be ready to progress into the Professional ranks.  For those players that are ready in most cases coming out of the PDL must wait until the next summer to hope to acquire a tryout for a professional club that plays in the summer months. With our model and schedule the players who are ready can move right into playing professionally once their commitment ends with the College, PDL or NPSL teams.  This will allow the player to not only play but have the possibility of moving onto other professional leagues.  The last tier of our system would be to have affiliation with a higher level Professional Club. Although this team is not presently in place, the plans for a team in place for the 2015 season are in the works.  This would complete the levels of a successful system in American Soccer that allows a player options and a chance to move as far as his talent will take them.